How to deal with Ups-and-Downs of Daily Life and Feel good about yourself!

Find one of the best ways to Deal with ups-and-downs of life and deal with your short term stresses very effectively. A short guide to live happily and deal with short-lived unhappiness.

How to deal with Ups-and-Downs of Daily Life and Feel good about yourself!
How to deal with Ups-and-Downs of Daily Life and Feel good about yourself!

Some feelings are indispensable and when it comes to having a regular emotional balance, it just doesn’t seem to happen that way. Dealing with the ups and downs of life doesn’t come that easy and even gathering all the energy together to move a step away from it also becomes a hell of lot of a problem.

You must have been feeling very low lately and in fact, you are just finding your place in this big, unknown world.

But I can promise you one thing for sure, doing these steps might bring you closer to how you are going to feel wonderful about yourself and thrilled to live your days with a bright smile and enormous energy!

So let’s be a little lighter in dealing with ourselves.

You know self-introspection is the greatest treasure you need to excavate- I used to earlier find my distractions in work, movies and books and getting involved in them did help me but only for a short-term basis, the main part of the whole problem is within yourself, the way you feel and the false perceptions that you have about yourself, moving out of them are the only solution. And how do you do that?

By facing it, and how I do it is a really great idea indeed, by writing in a diary all the problems that I have and the questions that I have about my personality.

You know that all the solutions are in your head itself because you are smart enough thanks to all the knowledge that you gathered from here and there, all you need to do is just sort them out because in your head they are all cluttered and tangled making you shudder even at the thought of untangling them.

So calm down, take a few deep breaths, and start writing!

Here are a few questions that you can start with, I have tried to keep the questions dynamic enough to be used in anyone’s life of any age group.

Start with-


  • What do you think has bothered you enough to keep you upset all this while?

  • How could you have avoided it?

  • How can you deal with it now?

  • Is there a thing or a person who makes you really contented and you feel happy to talk to that person?

  • Will a little time for meditation or yoga/exercises help you?

  • In a whole day what makes you absolutely happy?

  • Who are you glad to have in life?

  • Make a gratitude list to thank everyone around you and even to god

Keep that diary hidden and secure, it’s your own hidden wealth so treasure it.

You feel very glad after this exercise and slowly you will start approaching better health, body, and mind.

In the next post, I will be talking about some tips for self-love and self-care, so do subscribe to my channel if you want to feel your best even at the lowest points of your life!

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Loads of love and hugs to you all guys! See you all soon, till then take care of yourselves because you are one of a kind, and I don’t want to lose anyone of you!