Therapeutic Body care Bath routine for Women

If you are looking forward to have a soothing and therapeutic me-time on your weekends, why not have a special body care bath routine which shows your body how much you love it.

Therapeutic Body care Bath routine for Women

I am going to be sharing with you how I spend my weekends after the whole week’s hectic work schedule.

The body needs its due care and attention and the only time we can do it properly is on sunny Sundays. However, you can also do this process on other days too when you feel the need to do it. Doing it twice a week for a more affirmative self-love display.

So let’s begin a wonderful me-time experience with a wonderful and amazing bath routine.

Start your day early-

I know starting your day right doesn’t count in your bath routine, but for a successful therapeutic bath session, you need to wake early. (Please ;))

To begin things right, I would strongly recommend it to everyone to wake up early this day. It is important to enjoy the mornings and for this special day for your mind and soul, it is even more important, so that you get more time for the day and you are able to finish your tasks early. I try to wake up at around 6 in the morning, especially when I know I have to really have this therapy for my body and to get this right during my bath time.

You can take your own sweet time anyways.

Face exfoliation and scrub-

Face exfoliation is very important to give a glow to your face and this is a process to be done at least twice a week.

Face exfoliation should not be done very often to avoid your skin damage, as it opens up your pores and cleans the accumulated dirt.

I use a gentle face polish. It has a very delicious smell with walnut shell powder which exfoliates your skin. I apply it in circular motions and give a light massage to the muscles of my skin. The presence of citric acid in it helps to remove the layer of dirt on your skin and gives a smooth and a shade brighter skin.

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A special therapeutic steam and body massage

To start with, I take a steam and massage my body with an organic essential oil. I use Neal yard’s remedies organic essential oil because I really like the aromatic smell and its relieving effects on our breathing patterns, its certain chemicals are meant for a therapeutic session to slow down and deepen your breathing. It is made with Boscellia sacra distilled from resin.

It is also best used by people for people who indulge in mindfulness and meditative practices.

So it has a dual usage which I use for steam and body massage, though also it is used as a room freshener by adding 3-4 drops into a diffuser or burner.

I first take a bowl of hot water and add 5 drops of this essential oil to it. Inhaling this aromatic smell clears your head and nose, a complete process for both of them.

For my whole body and skin, I use grapeseed oil and add 6 drops of organic essential oil to it.

I massage my whole body with the oil and give a special treatment to my forehead and temples, and also to my scalp. Its gorgeous smell is very soothing to the soul and so relaxing to your aching muscles.

I do it an hour before the hot bath, so that my body sinks deep into the relaxation mode.

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Time for a therapeutic bath-

You know it’s time for you to relax when you go into a light sleep mode in your warm, soothingly, scented bath with the herbs to relieve your skin and muscles. I follow this bath routine in the evening or late at night as it allows my body to slumber and prepare me for a deep night’s sleep where I can rise and shine the next day absolutely fresh.

I add three-four tablespoons of calming bath soak to the warm water and keep it for 20 minutes soaked in it, generally it is recommended to keep it for 30 minutes though.

I sit in it for about 30 minutes and enjoy my time reading a book or just a light music playing in the background.

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Moisturize your body properly-

After the relaxing bath session, it’s time for you to moisturize your skin. It leaves your skin hydrated and soft post-bath.

I use a solid body moisturizer bar except for a liquid cream after this therapeutic bath session because the bar is solid and does not consist of water which works best to have a proper moisturizing for your skin.

It is suitable for all skin types be it very dry skin or sensitive skin, so I feel free to use it as I have very dry skin.

This gives a very heavy moisturization so I use it especially for my body, rather than my face. Just gently wipe it across your body and let your body heat soften it to apply. Don’t use water it doesn’t work like that.  

Another reason why I love using it is because it is so organic and works best for my dry skin. This solid body moisturizer is preservative and paraben-free and also is vegan.

Buy it here- NueBar Solid Body Moisturiser Bar - Cacao & Shea Butter (105g)

It counts what you do before your bedtime-

30 minutes prior to sleeping you need to bring into effect your therapeutic bath, and therefore post-bath and pre-bedtime, apply the sleep balm on your pulse points such as wrists and neck, rub and massage and go into a deep slumber you have been waiting for all this week.

And I don’t straight away go to my sleep routine. I first prefer to write my diary at night and a few points that I need to improve about myself. And two-three things that I have to do this week and on a whole what I dream of achieving in the next few years.

This also calms my mind and also is add on point to my therapeutic session I had.

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Have you achieved a therapeutic bath session?

Now as you have had a really great spa session for your body and soul amidst the soft songs flowing in it, wouldn’t you like your friends too to have a great session like that?

Share this article with your friends too and help them come over the stress of the whole week with just a few hours of relieving therapy to your body.

Happy Soul therapy! :)