A complete guide to Men’s hair removal

For men looking out for various ways you can get your hair removed from your skin of legs, hand or chest. Here are some ways that are very easy and painless for you to try.

A complete guide to Men’s hair removal

I will be considering various options here for us to be able to pick out the best one for us. All have been weighed on their pros and cons and also which product would be best used for them is also told.

Waxing hair removal for men-

Waxing is one of the traditional ways of hair removal and men can try these to test their resilience. Okay so it might scare you the way I just said about testing your resilience but I have a solution to that waxing problem of yours. There are some waxes specially made for the purpose to inflict less pain to the bearer.

Hence when you go and pick out for waxes for men you must be checked out for a few things that firstly skin of men and women are different so when you are choosing one for yourself, make sure it is made for men only. Secondly, it should also suitable for all skin types, be it very sensitive or very dry.

Some men might also prefer hard wax for waxing which also is really a good option. All it does differently is stick to your skin and you peel it off. It is indeed painless.

Sometimes looking for hard wax one may also stop at pearl wax which is also really good and are painless indeed.

However, if you want to go for the hot wax then you can try this Moom’s wax for men. I am recommending this Moom wax because it is really good for the skin and specifically made for men’s hair, post waxing. It is really gentle on the skin and very easy to use, also for those busy men who are running behind errands, you don’t have to use lotion after you have waxed as the wax is really moisturizing keeping your skin soft after using it. You can use Moom’s wax strips for removing the hair.

Buy it here- Moom For Men Organic Sugar Cane 'Wax' (170g)

Buy the strips here- Moom For Men Fabric Strips 48


Laser or epilator-

This is one of the easiest ways to get rid of your body hair without any pain and that too forever. Many people believe that laser treatments or epilator sessions might give you skin burns but that’s not true unless you are using not so good brand and product.

Laser treatment can opt from really good and well-known clinics. There are for around four-five or even six sittings for laser treatment.

But epilators can be used by you at your home in your comfort zone.

Using epilators can last for 4-8 weeks. IPL hair removal system is ideal for all areas of your body. Just holding the power on the targeted area and until the light turns green you are under process, it just takes 3 seconds to be done. After continuous and regular treatments you will notice the slow growth of your hair.

Another awesome device I came across was the Philips Lumea laser hair removal for men. It also can be used for every part of the body and is really safe to use which in return gives you a permanently smooth skin.

It has an intelligent skin tone detector that detects the color of the skin and adjusts its light effect accordingly.

In short, it is easy to use and really worth the price and time you pay for it.


Hair removal cream-

yes, this also is one of the painless ways you can try for your hair removal. Generally, the problem faced by hair removal creams is that it doesn’t last long since we haven’t uprooted the hair out. You can use it for immediate use but it doesn’t guarantee the safety of the skin.

Many skin removal creams tend to darken the skin leaving either some dark spots or maybe some burns or rashes on it. But it totally depends upon the skin type and the brand you are using.

For hair removal cream for men, I would recommend the Nad’s hair removal cream. It is better than the other creams as it doesn’t only break the follicles of your hair on the skin leaving it smooth, but also dissolves it from within the skin to the roots. It is suitable for your chest, arms, legs, and back.



HAA! This is the easiest way to remove your hair from all the body parts and without even giving much time into it. But the thing that takes me away from using it is that it makes your hair hard, causes dark patches, and doesn’t even stay for long. So yeah why to just keep on shaving your hands and legs after every three days and also which gives your hair the hardness you want to run away from.

However, once you cannot muster the guts to opt for any other option then you must use the shaving razors that are suitable and meant for the purpose of hair removal by shaving.

I hope now you can choose what’s best for you weighing them according to your preferences and liking.


Happy Styling! :)