Why self- love is so IMPORTANT?

Self love and self care are two most important things for a healthy relationship with your partner, peers or colleagues. This is why we should love ourselves unconditionally.

Why self- love is so IMPORTANT?

Why Self-love is so important?

Loving your self is not a wrong thing, as long as it does not slip into narcissism or egoism. We must have been told at least once that ‘don’t mind but I don’t like your hair’, ‘don’t mind but I don’t like that mole on your face’, ‘don’t mind I think your nails are too wide’ etc., etc.

However, when we truly love ourselves, we make these judgments of others just with a smile and reply to us that don’t worry ‘I love you’.

But it’s sometimes hard for some people to love themselves, either they have been nurtured that way since childhood and took the torments of others way too seriously or maybe their actual need of always showing perfect is deeply rooted in them.

We should always keep in mind the old repetitive saying that you should be beautiful inside out. But we tend to brush it off when someone comments upon us.

How to check your level of self-love?

When being alone or being in a group of people, be it your friends or family, no longer is different for you. Congratulations you have started loving yourself.


Also, one thing I would like to put forward is that we can check when we have slipped into narcissism is when we start taking the advice of others about ourselves as negative remarks and put it aside, proudly accepting the love for yourself.

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Why is it important to love ourselves?

Before answering this question, I would like to question one thing. Are you dependent on anyone to give you love? If yes, how long do you think that person is going to love you? Even if your mother, in this case, is your answer, then is she going to be with you forever, I am sorry but no. And also, parent’s love is surely very important, but in spite of being showered with that love, not everyone is able to love themselves, right?

So why does it become important?

It’s because firstly our self-confidence is built on the foundation of our love for us. Without that love, without the confidence of us in ourselves, we are surely not fit enough to even walk a step.

Have you ever been sad? Obviously yes! What kind of question is that? But have you ever tried to laugh in that situation, just laughing out loud? No matter how stupid you will look, anyways you don’t look any better with a sulked or depressed face. Laughing suddenly at the moment actually helps you out to ease out the pain. It will make you feel better. And please don’t play melancholy songs at that time. Your heart needs love at that time to make you happy.

Secondly, there are people who come and go in your life. Sometimes a bunch of these people, like our friends or our love mates maybe, love us a lot, and we cannot imagine our future without them. But nothing is permanent. So our self-love in case our friends leave us, would empower us to still continue our lives as happily as we did with them. We should not roam around like dead-at-heart-alive-physically kind of people, thinking that without those particular people I will not be able to enjoy eating outside or maybe watching movies.

Our self-love in this case would help us to watch movies alone, even in theatres, and go out on a date with yourself to Starbucks (without phone specifically).

Woman Making Heart Sign with Hands

Third, love from others would cause some sort of expectations to arise, which will leave us heartbroken at the end. That’s what expectations are best known for. So instead of expecting anything from others, we can love ourselves and gift us something we like and our favorite dish treat is always the great option to hop on when we expect some love. Why not give ourselves some time and talk to ourselves either by keeping some journal or maybe just self-talking in the bedroom.

Fourth, we are never are scared of being left alone, we start to enjoy our company so much that we never expect an entourage around us to keep us cheerful.

And lastly, we get more options to have deeper insights into ourselves, knowing our true potential and maybe also the reason of our birth into this planet. Well if that has reached too far, but certainly, we will get to know more about our hidden talents and the ones we already know of, we can polish them up, raising none others but our talents only.

So here we come to an end of the journey of knowing how important self-love is, but what more exciting is that we have begun our journey of loving ourselves.