7 Peaceful bedtime habits to follow

Bedtime habits are an essential part of a person’s health and progress career-wise. One should follow a peaceful bedtime routine to have a productive morning and also a deep and conditioning sleep.

7 Peaceful bedtime habits to follow

However, it becomes tougher for adults than young children to follow it. And people falling in the age groups between 15-40 years or even some more years added to it, find it really hard to make peace with their work and bedtime schedule.

For a healthier body and a good night’s sleep, I follow these 5 bedtime habits to ensure that I keep my days productive and also my soul happy.

Going for a walk-

doing this alone or with someone whom you like to talk your heart out, walking after your night meal is a wonderful idea. I do this with my mom telling her about my whole day and if anything is bothering me. We laugh and chatter and make our late nights quite peaceful and light doing it. This process makes your body tired which helps it fall asleep quickly and also digests your food. Because going to bed after having a meal with a heavy stomach isn’t quite healthy too.

Keeping the phone aside at least half an hour before-

I know this might prove to be a little or maybe I should say very hard for people to adopt this habit in their daily lives but straining your eyes on the screens of the phones before bedtime is not really a good thing. It keeps your mind working throughout your sleep and hence no rest to it. Your sleep is interrupted and you tend to sleep longer wasting 3-4 hours where you slept a little extra. 

Listen to soft music and read a book-

I personally find this very peaceful listening to soft music in the background and also reading a book. Reading a book slowly makes your tired mind more prone to sleep than the screens that wouldn’t have helped you in anyways.

I do this daily and especially on those days when I am not feeling like going to sleep straight away.

Make sure to clean the room and bed-

If you are going to bed with an untidy room and your things cluttered around everywhere, trust me you won’t even realise that your mind and body are already finding it quite uneasy to adjust and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

When you clean your room and neat the bed sheet you feel really de-cluttered and so much more peaceful.

Many times people believe that they are used to sleeping in a messy and chaotic room, but what they don’t realise is the indirect harm they are causing to their body which in turn makes them sleep longer the next day, causing tiredness and irritation the whole day.

Also, a small tip underlying here is that one should try and keep the bed sheets clean. Hence you can change it every two-three days.

Giving a scent-

a mild scent or fragrance in the room before sleeping also does wonders without even much effort. I prefer to light an incense stick during the evening itself so that the fragrance lingers on and at night I sleep with a mild beautiful scent that makes my mind and soul the happiest.

Preparing for the next day-

This also is a practice to keep in mind and give its due importance to our bedtime routines. Before heading out to sleep unburden your shoulders with the confusion of tasks that needs to be done tomorrow. It is better for you to have a diary where you maintain all the to-do list that needs to be done the next day. This will help you lighten up your head which might be replete with worries and confusion.

Wear airy and light clothes-

avoid going to sleep in the clothes that you were wearing the whole day. This I believe and also read somewhere makes the person aware and awake to what all happened the whole day. This will not let the person have that peaceful night routine that he/she wanted to have. Airy and light clothes will relax your body and would not cause any sort of disturbance or irritation.

So these were the things that I do daily for a peaceful night routine. Any person who suffers from insomnia should also try them because these habits directly target your mind and body causing them to sleep better.

Thank you and take care!