10 things to be done before applying foundation!

Here are 10 things that every woman must know before applying foundation to get a perfect seamless skin after your makeup. The following ten makeup foundation hacks are must-knows for women for gorgeous looking skin.

10 things to be done before applying foundation!

Nobody likes the caky face covered with foundation which would scrape off a thousand layers with your nails! Ew and that’s indeed awful!

What’s more awful is that the patches you get if the foundation is not covering your face completely and as it should be.

Here are some foundation hacks that you need to keep in mind to get the flawless skin tone after using your foundation also read till the end to get a bonus tip as well!

Use a primer/moisturizer on your dry face-

this is a very important thing you got to be doing before using foundation, is that you need to use a primer. A moisturizer would also work in this case.

A primer evens out your skin, and if you have dry skin it will help you avoid the visibility of the patches after you have used your foundation and dry powder.


By the way, how do you wash your face? -

Before picking up your makeup kit, I know everyone washes their face, but how do you wash it is what matters. You don’t only need a face wash that washes off your oil and dirt of the skin, but also you need a cooling and gentle face wash that is not so hard on your skin which dries it away.

You also need to understand your face type which means if it is very oily then you need a sort of oil cleansing face wash which greases off your face letting your skin breathe. And for a dry face just wash it with a gentle face wash for dry skin to clean your face, and not making it patchy and dry.


Preparations to be done before-hand-

there are a few things that you need to do before you apply your foundation.

If it is a very important day where you need to look your best then this hack must be tried by you!

So for a dry skin, you need to apply a face mask made with curd, honey, olive oil or coconut oil, and some cream of milk. Leave it for half an hour and wash it. After you have washed your face mask apply some cream and you are ready for the good skin for applying foundation for the evening’s party!

And for an oily skin, apply a face mask with gram flour and curd, add turmeric in it for an extra punch of glow to your skin!

And leave the facemask for half an hour, wash it and enjoy your beautiful skin!


Dilute foundation with some moisturizer-

sometimes the foundation is too thick or pigmented for your skin which might give your face a caky look. To avoid that thick accumulation of your foundation at one place, you may loosen it with some cream or moisturizer.

Also mixing foundation with moisturizer causes the foundation shade to lighten it a notch, so be careful that you do not mix a lot of moisturizer to your foundation. Just enough to loosen/dilute it a bit for easy application.


Do you use the setting powder correctly? -

Everyone uses the makeup setting powder but sometimes it is not done correctly giving you a dry face that seems like a layer of white dust on it.

As using a moisturizer is a must as it helps in settling the particles of powder plus there is one more mistake that women might do is that when they take the powder on the makeup brush they forget to shake it a bit to dust off the extra powder that it has taken on it.

Also once you have applied the powder you might take a clean and dry powder brush and rub off your face so that the extra particles are brushed off.


Wrong shade foundation? -

The biggest mistake we can make while applying a foundation is committed even before that, yes, it is committed when we buy it. We pick the wrong shade sometimes which makes our face look non-natural.

But if you have chosen the wrong shade then what can you do?

To get a lighter shade just mix some moisturizer and it will get a shade lighter.

And to darken your foundation shade mix it with a bronzer. You can also add some turmeric for pale or yellow skin and some blush for pinkish skin.


The applicator should be used correctly-

A blender, a brush or a cotton pad? What do you use? It doesn’t matter…what matters is the way you use it.

The beauty blender should always be applied with some foundation on it and tapped on the skin so that it settles on your skin giving it a seamless effect.

The makeup brush when applied with some foundation should be taken round in circular motions to let it settle on your skin. Also, the brush should perfectly match the use, so while using a foundation brush always remember to use a big and hairy brush.

For foundation brushes one can also use the makeup brushes shaped like toothbrushes, they are easy to apply with great precision.

A cotton pad can be just rubbed on the skin gently, by swiftly moving and evenly spreading the foundation.


Never use more foundation as concealer-

it is a normal human tendency to use more of something to hide some blemishes or dark areas, however, using more of the foundation will not help. So try not to put extra foundation on your blemishes or acne, it will not help rather turn things reverse, hence only use a concealer for such purposes.


Pro tip- Yes if you don’t have a concealer then you can also lighten the foundation shade by the above-mentioned method and use it on areas where you would a concealer.


Using a makeup fixing spray-

if you do not wish to collapse your makeup by the end of the evening, or don’t want your face to melt with foundation, then a makeup fixing spray is a must. Your foundation will thaw out if it is just used as it is added with some concealer and highlighter, and your foundation which forms the face needs a strong settlement too, so don’t forget to use a makeup fixing spray.


Always use a clean foundation applicator-

when we use the dirty applicator which we used the last time also, we allow the dried and now dirty foundation to also mix up with the new foundation just applied to the blender or the brush, which makes our efforts futile of getting a perfect skin tone after foundation, hence it is very much recommendable to wash your applicator with normal soap under tap water and dry it so that you get a clean blender next time you use it.

However, it is always better to use a makeup brush cleaner as it does not harm the brush tips and bristles by hardening them and keeps them soft and clean.



Never mix your foundation with water-

sometimes to dilute the foundation you might want to simply add a few droplets of water to it, which is big never go-to move! When you add a few drops of water to your foundation, you dry up your face making it look caky again, so this is a common mistake that should be avoided at all costs.

Happy Styling! :)