Wall Clock Designs to pick for your Living Room

From a large range and varieties of wall clock designs, here are some sorted beautiful designs for living room decor when one is looking for Clocks for the living room.

Wall Clock Designs to pick for your Living Room

I understand the confusion you come across while picking out the best suitable wall clock for your living room. And since your home has been designed keeping in mind the minutest details in mind then why ignore the clock designs?

Here are some fabulous wall clocks for the living room or halls that I came across and have classified them into different categories as per your home theme.

The mathematical clock for an intellectual background-

This mathematical clock I found out to be quite interesting as you can see that instead of numbers they have given us the formulae that solve to give the resultant number to be placed over there.

This clock is definitely going to give your guests peals of laughter and also is going to test your intellect.

It can be placed on a background of any light color and the house set up also needn’t be of any particular type. A traditional home theme with lots of colors or even a bi-color-based house will go very well with it.

The funny thing is that you can also gift it to someone aspiring to become an engineer or a teacher or anything in the academic field. This will really go well with their process of hard work.


Check it here- The mathematical clock


The retro-style wall clock-

This clock is so good and thrives wonderfully for a retro or vintage style home. The color combination is also so beautiful and obviously, the overall look is amazing.

I love this wall clock a lot and for the purpose of decorating my living room, this suits me well.

Also for those rooms and halls which are kept dim lighted and the ambiance is very light and calm this will add to the serenity being delivered.

The clock might look a little withered to you with a shabby frame but this is what attracts me to this design. This is the style being adopted by many top designers and is loved by all. This is the new trend and hence shouldn’t be given second thoughts while buying it.  

Check it out here- The retro-style wall clock  


The European retro wall clock-

This European retro wall clock is so classic and royal with its numbers being attached altogether with metals. This design is unique due to its hollowed-out design with no surface, glass, or old style. This is purely a creative ironwork.

This clock suits the calm, white/grey/greyish-bluish backgrounds of a home designed with bricked walls.

This is a silent watch with no sound hence a calm to the ears too as it is to the eyes. The numbers written with roman numerals are what makes it classic.

This clock also comes under the vintage style category and will look amazing in your architecturally designed homes. Though roman style numbered clocks are always seen but the hollowed-out design is what makes them different.


Check it here- The European retro wall clock


The French-style wall clock-

This wooden clock in French style is very beautiful owing to its gorgeously attached ultra-big roman numerals with the legible color contrast of the clock hands and the khaki background, making it readable from all angles.

It is made of wood and is non-deformable to moisture.

The clock is thick enough by the layer of veneer and is not covered by the glass as is done usually with the other clocks.

I love the color combination of this clock and its absolute suitability with all types of walls.

Check it out here- the French-style wall clock


The farmhouse wall clock-

This wall clock is quite big and is crafted out of plastic. The thing attractive about this clock is its largeness. For homes that have rustic farmhouse décor, this would suit you well.

You can check it out here- the farmhouse wall clock

The gift garden wall clock-

This wall clock is very beautiful due to its creatively carved wooden structures. This is so heart-warming and house warming at the same moment. Its colors are also very calming and are a treat to your home when you decorate it with it.

Not only is it an amazing gift to special ones but also the best pick for your traditional home décor.


Check it out here- Gift garden tree wall clock


The kitchen cutlery wall clock-

This clock can be only used perfectly when the hall and the kitchen are connected. this amazing kitchen-styled clock with various styles of spatula surrounding it. An amazing décor for the kitchen hall and an amazing gift option for kitchen lovers and chefs.

Why not gift it to your mom for her birthday?

Check this unique style of the clock here- kitchen cutlery wall clock


The tech-led clock-

Technology is really setting new heights and now you can see this innovative kind of clock. This clock has this matrix of words which is carefully designed to also provide you with the correct time while at the same moment also displaying its unique feature of time show.

The clock’s brightness can be adjusted at night for better.

Check it out here- the tech-led clock


The clock which is not a clock-

This beautiful, fashionable clock is for a large-sized wall display. This is so clear to read and is acrylic coated. For people looking to stand out for the choice of clocks for the living room, this is the most fashionable and modern choice you can pick out for your home design.

Check it out here- the fashion in the city clock

Hope you liked these designs that are quite unique and trendy in themselves!

Happy Decorating! :)