Cabinet mirrors you might need for your bathroom

While decorating your bathroom it is very inevitable to be confused as to what type of cabinet mirror you should hang in there for a better look of your bathroom. Here are different types of cabinet mirrors I have picked, that are suitable for different types of bathrooms in terms of style, size, and color as well!

Cabinet mirrors you might need for your bathroom

So without wasting more time surfing on the various types of cabinet mirrors here I have a complete handbook of which cabinet mirrors you can use for your bathroom makeover.

Let’s get started-:

The wide rectangular cabinet mirrors for big bathrooms-

I don’t know if this idea would be loved by everyone or not but big, wide mirrors are certainly my type of liking when it comes to choosing cabinet mirrors for bigger bathrooms.

I have pretty good reasons to support this.

First of all, they look classy and show luxury. Big mirrors in the bathroom might also prove to support your interest in having a modernized bathroom. Secondly, these mirrors also give your walls a big coverage which is good as you will have less area of tiles showing which doesn’t really seem good.

You will have more area of space reflecting on the mirror which is also quite good.

So all in all it does look good and hanging them in the bathroom would be my personal first choice.

Since we have been looking for cabinet mirrors I have liked this wide cabinet mirror by Fresca for that reason. Its dimensions are 59” W x 26” H x 5” D and have a modern design. And the best thing about it is its dust and moisture-free interior which has been specifically designed for that matter. It has two cabinets for your bathroom stuff and three mirrored doors.

It has a really good storage space. It is though a bit tough to install but with a little help of someone you will easily be able to fit it in your bathroom.

You might also like to check out this tall and wide cabinet mirrors. There are adjustable glass shelves and mirrored doors.


Tall rectangular cabinet mirrors for small bathrooms-

long rectangular mirrors are also very suitable while decorating your small bathrooms. They look very good and serve their purpose well.

They needn’t be just suitable for small bathrooms, they can also go well with big or medium-sized bathrooms where these can be hung at one sidewall or near to any place you feel comfortable with.

You can check out this Verdera® 15" W x 30" H aluminum medicine cabinet with adjustable magnifying mirror and slow-close door

As it is very easy to install and it gives you a lot of space. It is a single door cabinet hence does not cover much of your space.

You can also check this slow close medicine cabinet. It helps to avoid the slamming of the door, and is rust free.

Quite interestingly you also get a three times magnifying adjustable glass on the inside of the door. There are mirrors on the inside of the door and the interior part of the cabinet as well.

The medium-sized cabinet mirrors-

this is the most preferred size by people looking for cabinet mirrors because it can suit small and big sized bathrooms, both.

The Fresca 30” wide cabinet mirror here is a really good pick for you if you are looking for good looking cabinet mirrors working out things for you at the same time. The only thing that you might not like much about it would be the brittle shelf clips. Otherwise it is really a good fit and does its job well.

However, verdera’s medicine cabinet also has the same look and functionality. And its shelf clips are also better. It also has a slow opening door.

Check it out here- Verdera® 34" W x 30" H aluminum medicine cabinet with adjustable magnifying mirror and slow-close door

Do suggest more cabinet mirrors that you have tried before and were really good!

Happy Decorating! :)