Bored your insipid walls surrounding you the whole day and want a refreshing touch to it? No matter what change you wish to see at your home, a change will only be a change if it has an artistic touch to it. An artistic touch means tons of ways to give a creative yet outstanding look to your home, with just some easy and innovative style of paintings and the techniques it can be hung.


1. A cartoon/animated series-

for those who cannot ignore their long living love for any cartoon series or their favourite anime irrespective of the natural ageing process they are following, they can always go for a set of 3x2 or 4x4 series, arranged in a rectangular template, and the dimensions can be decided as per your wall space.

cartoon on wall

2. Motivational quotes on posters-

few things never go out of vogue, and the same goes with the dire need of motivation in our lives, so hanging/pasting some postures with motivational quotes is also a good idea.

motivation quotes

3. Hanging mirrors on walls-

A wall that’s covered with a big mirror is not such a widely known idea, but it looks fabulous and gives the home an altogether a striking effect. Also, if possible one can hang the big mirror on the wall where the sunlight hits, especially in the morning, which lights up the home along with your spirits.

mirror hanging on wall

4. Original handmade paintings-

going for some luxurious changes, which not only shows how extravagant your life is but also your quality of appreciating original art. Buy one for yourself from


  • Hanging the artwork low-

    a big artwork can be hung low, which looks beautiful on a wall which is small and left alone, because of the place it is situated in.
  • Hanging the artworks in sets of three-

    small paintings can be arranged in the set of three and four which looks absolutely elegant. It can be hung on the main entrance wall or in the hall, even in the bed rooms.
  • Abstract Paintings-

    abstract paintings do not indicate the theme of the painting straight away, the paintings have a special quality of intriguing an onlooker therefore hanging them in the bed rooms or office area is a great idea to always keep your mind active.

5. A designed cloth-

there are ample of designed cloth sheets available which looks beautiful on the walls and the type of design you may pick can match with the theme of your home style. It can add some softness with designs and textures of the cloth.

designed cloth

6. Only for artists out there/ Murals-

some people are gifted with the quality of art and creativity flowing in their veins so why not throw some colours on the walls, customizing your walls the way you feel like.

It can include some designs near the television or maybe some on the bed room walls.

One can also try making just small designs related to the place they are making, for example, a girl reading a book near your book shelf, some butterflies or trees in the hall, some food dishes in your dining hall and some exercising equipment in your small gym area.

7. Memories that never leave us-

a full wall can be utilised to cover up your entire life or maybe the special memories in a photograph collage, which are compiled together in the most beautiful way and not just a photo frame with all the edited photos.

8. Walls with shelves to store artefacts-

the wall shelves have the best way to show your collection of artefacts and showpieces which decorates the wall and gives an outstanding texture to your home.


9. Plates-

some designed plates hung on the walls covering it fully leaving at least a feet height from the bottom is one of the innovative ways to decorate your wall.


10. Some wall hanging plants-

plants hanging from the walls planted in flat, cuboidal pots can be hung which will set your home on fire, as this will be an idea not everyone thought of, and the benefits of having plants in front of your sight cannot be overlooked.

some hanging plants

11. Wall stickers-

there are two types of wall stickers that can be put. One are the wall stickers that have patterns and textures to give an effect of painting on the wall. It covers the entire wall space and does not seem to have been pasted. The second are the type of stickers, which are small and designed pasted in the house accordingly.

stickers in bedroom

12. Designed woollen cloth pieces-

beautifully woven woollen clothes can be hung on the walls giving the walls a light and colourful effect.

13. Wall of Achievement –

a wall dedicated solely to your achievements is a great idea to remind yourself of your worth, the trophies can be kept in wall shelves and the certificates and medals hanging charmingly and chronologically.


14. Tiles with patterns or photos printed or any tools-

if plates seem common, one can hang tiles with adorable designs on it, can be hung in some pattern with all the tiles being of the same design on it.

patterns of tiles

Also tiles with some printed photograph of yours and your family members can be hung on the walls.

You can also hang some wrenches in ascending order of their heights which altogether gives a unique look to your home.


15. Giant clocks or calendars -

a wall with giant clocks or calendars looks stunning in the hall or dining area, giving it a modern look and reminding of you how time and dates dominates your life. Another unique way of wall décor.