How to take care of your Nails

When it comes to taking care of small things in life and then for self-caring people it also includes their nails. While nails are a very insignificant part of a body for some people, but they probably wouldn’t know that nail tells a lot about your personality.

How to take care of your Nails

If you ever happen to meet someone who notices nails to judge an individual then I am sorry but you will be looked at contempt by that person.

While it’s important to consider other person’s opinions too, but this is a very secondary thing to think about!

What we need to be clear about it is the health of our body and nails. The rest will be sorted out on its own.

So taking care of nails is important not only because of some people’s judgements or making it look good but also chapped/brittle or pale nails would indicate some health issue.

All in all here are some tips to get a good looking nails.

1. Eat protein rich food-

the nails have a good health only when your body gets the required nutrients into it.

 Protein rich diet is very important. Just as protein we need iron, vitamins C, magnesium and calcium also to keep our nails shiny, pink and healthy.

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2. Apply some essential oils-

applying some essential oils to your nails will strengthen them, moisturizing them and giving the roots of your nails much needed energy.

Olive oil, vitamin E and tea tree oil are good for the nails as they get absorbed much easily.

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3. Apply transparent base nail paint-

applying a base nail enamel will protect your nails from the chemicals of soaps or detergents while you wash your dishes and clothes.

Without much notice we tend to overlook that it is harming our nail surface too. Therefore coating them with transparent nail enamel will act as a shield to out nails.

4. Manicure-

having a regular manicure will provide the nails much needed therapy of care and cleanliness. Removal of the dead skin cells from the nails, pushing down the cuticles a bit and an overall hand massage with contribute to the nails in ways more than we thought.

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5. Massaging the cuticles and nails-

when you are sitting idle and doing nothing, the best way to use that time is to start rubbing the cuticles area, it will help the nails grow faster and provide the roots a great relief. 

If the nails grow faster that means your body is functioning very properly and receiving and converting the nutrients to aid your nails. 

Massaging the nails is just another way to soothe the nerves and muscles of that area.

6. Drink a lot of water-

drinking a lot of water helps the nutrients get absorbed in your body. So if you want your efforts of eating a good diet to flourish then start drinking a lot of water.

7. Keep them clean-

cleaning your nails is very important, not just solely for making it look great but also because its accumulated dirt might get into the inner part of nails, harming them and causing some infections.And not to mention the consequences of eating food with your dirty nails


8. Cut them regularly-

apart from keeping it clean, cutting your nails regularly will prevent them from unwanted breakage and risk of getting then plucked out.

Clipping them just as much as the skin allows and not too deep, otherwise the aftermath of having your nail skin showing is very painful.

9. Apply less nail paints-

frequent nail painting will make your nails yellow and dry. But if wearing a nail paint is too important for you then you may apply it on top of the base enamel so that it doesn’t harm you nails as much.

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10. Be gentle on nails-

being gentle on the nails is very important. Not rubbing your nails on hard, rough surfaces and jerking them with hits. Be gentle they are a part for your body.

Following these tips will ensure your nails look good and healthy.

Happy nails, happy you!