To stay highly motivated for exercising and losing weight, to keep up our spirits to daily get up and push ourselves to work out, we need some motivation factor, including your gym clothing and workout outfits that you wear.


People may not give it a thought, but it’s true that our outfit contributes a lot to our confidence and motivation. Who doesn’t wish to look good?

When we wear an outfit that does not look great on our fat body, we may be tempted to a great deal to lose our weight!

We also wish to look stylish be it doing anything!

Here are some outfits I have personally liked a great deal while working out, it makes me look like a fitness freak, and you know once you start looking like that, you start behaving like that! So cheers to that!

I have given 7 outfits for the whole week. Let’s start stocking them up in our workout closets!

1. JOYMODE Women's 2 Piece Yoga Set Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Crop Top with High Waist Shaping Pants Breathable for Monday

breathable pants

Let’s start our week right by wearing some white and light coloured gym/yoga set, it’s very flexible and made of nylon, polyester and spandex. It has a great absorbing capacity, therefore no need to worry about the clogging up of your sweat pores. The best thing about this outfit is that it’s high waist and very stretchable, gives an outstanding streamlines of your waist and body!

The dot print jacquard style is trendy and very fashionable! A good start for your week!

2. ZHENWEI Women Yoga Pants Fitness High Waisted Tummy Control Yoga Sets High-Elastic Workout Leggings Sports Trousers for Tuesday

ZHENWEI Women Yoga Pants Fitness High Waisted Tummy Control Yoga Sets High-Elastic Workout Leggings Sports Trousers

For Tuesday, this sexy outfit will give a motivation for continue your whole week’s plan for exercising! This stretchable outfit again high waisted giving your body the curvy look it desires!

This clothing in itself is quite motivating as it lifts ups your butts and pushes the stomach inside, smoothening out the extra fat you have! So what does it do to your motivation factor, it rather motivates you to do extra push ups than you always do!

I have really loved this because of its colour and the shape it gives to you!

3. bbmee Colorblocked Workout Set Women Training Tracksuits Exercise Clothing 2 Piece Fitness Yoga Outfits Workout Gear for Wednesday

yoga outfit

Okay so it’s Wednesday, and you have to again be at your best, this colour and style of the outfit is again effortlessly giving you the body shape you dream of!

The best thing about this clothing is that it dries very quickly and is also highly absorbing!

Also for those women whose body though is not too fat or skinny, but they have some of their skin fat bulging out, this outfit will compress it inside and help the fat melt down! And ultimately gifting you the body you desire!

4. Yoga Outfits for Women, Seamless Yoga Leggings Sports Bra Set 2 Pieces Gym Clothes Workout Outfit for Thursday

2 piece gym cloths

When you are up for some yoga or stretching, this looks the best with the type of exercise that you are doing!

This colour is light and patterned, that corresponds to your style of workout!

It gives you a slim look, shows your sexy curves! This is the trending style of this season and so don’t wait and buy this without wasting a second thinking!

Body shape in this also can’t be ignored and while you wear this, as it’s completely stylish, giving you a whole lot of control over your mind!

Wear it confidently and get in your shoes to do your extra today!

5. Aleumdr Womens Long Sleeve Zip Front Running Yoga Sports Tops for Friday

yoga running pants

And now its weekend so you might be feeling a bit lazy to miss this day today to workout, well no don’t you want a body like Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner.

This marble type print looks so amazing, that you will not be able to miss today’s workout session, owing to this beautiful gym outfit!

This attractive outfit is going to give you the chick, flirty and charming you look!

6. Handyulong Yoga Outfits for Women 2 Piece Set, Workout High Waist Seamless Yoga Leggings with Sport Bra Gym Clothes for Saturday

yoga leggings

The style and colour of this outfit cannot take your eyes off it, you will have to wear it and move out for Saturday’s workout session.

This is awesome to wear it on plus sized bodies too!

The fit is tremendous and the overall style statement it gives near the end of your week is splendid!

It’s soft and stretchable, comforting and elegant! Perfect for your day!

7. OLCHEE Women's 2 Piece Tracksuit Workout Outfits - Seamless High Waist Leggings and Long Sleeve Crop Top Yoga Active wear Set for Sunday

2 piece track suite

Keeping the best for Sunday, as you have to keep the sweet for the last!

This the best 2020 gym outfit, and my personal favourite too! You get a sports bra too to wear inside of this hoodie!

The jacket you wear is cropped and too smarty! The honeycomb design and contrasting colour stripes perfectly suits your style statement!

It lifts up your butts and provides tummy control! Again a good sweat absorbent, lets your body breathe and dries quickly!

Now after you have seen some of these awesome outfits, you woudn't resist yourself for keeping one for yourself too! So hurry up to shop them!