Inspiring Wall Art Decor Can Rejuvenate Your Mind

Putting up something new on our walls always makes us feel as if we’re living in a new home which makes us happier and re-invigorated. Paintings can be of great use if you want to make your rooms lively and vibrant.

Inspiring Wall Art Decor Can Rejuvenate Your Mind

Decorating homes with various beautiful objects is as old as the history of mankind. Whether it is a mansion or a bungalow or a small apartment on a high-rise building, almost every one of us loves to beautify our living spaces. And it is observed that throughout history, people have used art as ornamentation, especially in the homes of the rich. But nowadays, it has become a common fashion to decorate homes with a piece of art thanks to the easy availability of them in different forms online.

Paintings and different art objects like statues, small figurines, and handicrafts have become very popular among ordinary folks. Such objects when placed at the strategic corners of the rooms can actually give out the positive vibes to the inhabitants. In particular, paintings can be of great use if you want to make your rooms lively and vibrant.

Just like in an exhibition, paintings on the walls of your rooms can also help focus people’s attention. Paintings are hung on the walls right at people’s eye level. They attract people's attention by bringing in the wow factor to the wall.

There are several health benefits of watching and creating art. Well, creating a piece of art by yourself might not be the first choice for many but hanging one and watching it might be.

Beautiful paintings relieve stress:-

Are you stressed out, anxious, and are feeling disconnected from each other after a long lockdown period due to COVID19 breakout? It's time to freshen up our home with some new wall art that can rejuvenate your mind and health.

Putting up something new on our walls always makes us feel as if we’re living in a new home which makes us happier and re-invigorated.

You hang up a painting of your choice on the empty wall of your living room, it will definitely boost drive, focus, concentration and can boost self-esteem, providing a sense of accomplishment. It is because "...looking at art can trigger a surge of the feel-good chemical, dopamine, into the orbitofrontal cortex of the brain, resulting in feelings of intense pleasure," as explained by Semir Zeki, a neurobiologist at the University College London.

This is not a new practice. Using art as part of healing can date back to fifth-century Greece.

Example of a contemporary artwork | Source: pexels-photo-667838.jpeg

Choose the correct style of artwork to fit into the room:-

Impressionism: This is a very pleasant style to look at. Such style of art contains only a little human drama but plenty of atmospheric moods, subtle tonality, and lively brushwork. It fits in with most decorative schemes.

Contemporary: Contemporary paintings give a more alternative, bold look. These are for more modern homes, with minimalist or urban style.

Landscapes: If you are a nature lover, landscape paintings would be the first choice for you. they bring out the freshness of nature inside your room and enlivens the mind with tones of green and other earthy colors.

Still life: Still life paintings of flowers, portraits, etc. give your house a timeless, rustic feel.

Tips to follow while buying paintings/artwork for your home decor:-

  • Do not purchase or hang a piece of art if it doesn’t give you a positive emotional response.
  • When purchasing art, try to focus on what you love or what is meaningful to you.
  • You should try to avoid making any rooms into exhibition spaces with too many artworks hanged together in one space.
  • Choose the right size of the artwork. A small painting is not a good choice for a wall with a bigger space available to hang one. On the other hand, a huge painting might look inappropriate in a small room with little space on the wall.

Availability of artworks online:-

Earlier one has to hire a painter to do commissioned artwork for his or her choice. Finding an affordable one was also not as easy as buying art was the privilege of the richer class of society. However, in the modern era of the internet, there are many websites available where artists put up paintings for sale. One can easily find suitable artworks to buy for home decoration purposes from there. All you need is to visit them, choose them, and order online. the artwork will be delivered to your doorstep right away.

So, why wait. Start decorating your home with the paintings of your choice and make it beautiful and stress-free.