Trendy boots of 2020 for every boot lover!

If you are a boot lover and looking for the trendy boots of 2020, then you are at the right place! Discover these trending boots of 2020 and stock them in your boot closets just now!

 Trendy boots of 2020 for every boot lover!

1. Velvet boots:

Velvet boots prevail in the market with their charm. These boots are preferred for winters. They're very soft to touch and easy to clean which makes them so loveable. They could be ankle-high, mid-calf or knee-high. They can be worn with denims, dresses, and skirts, making you effortlessly stylish.


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2. Suede Boots:

Suede is made from the underside of the animal skin which gives them a fuzzy leather look. Since they are durable and have a very appealing texture, their trend seems to shoot up the sky.


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3. Lace-up boots :

Remember when Janhvi Kapoor pulled out a pair of black lace-up boots with lehenga for The Peacock Magazine back in 2019 which became a great sensation. That inspired a lot of people out there to do experiments with fashion to bring out their perception. They range from ankle-high to thigh-high style because of which they crown the hotlist.

black shoes

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4. Leather Boots:

They are the oldest and the most popular boots as they have a variety of qualities. These are preferred by both men and women for their commendable look. They are durable, long-lasting and the best part is, they are easy to maintain. For winters you can wear a pair of thigh-high or knee-high leather boots with a cute sweater dress. They also make a great couple with shorts, making sure you are all ready to slay the streets.


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5. Slouch boots:

Ever wondered that those baggy, eye-locking boots have a name? Slouch boots, yes that’s what they are called. They are usually heeled. Their slump-look makes them very attractive and comfy. You can wear them out on dates, outings with friends and shopping with a pair of jeans, a jumper and an overcoat.


stelleto boots

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6. Stiletto boots:

These boots are characterized by slim and slender pencil heel making a very bold statement. They could be below the ankle, ankle-high, or run-up to the knees. You can wear them with a jumper and a pair of leather pants. Matching them with a mini skirt or flowy midi skirt will also look extremely graceful.

close up of boots

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7. Patent leather boots:

These are a blessing to the women who are a fan of gloss. They have a very shiny surface. Patent leather boots are originally made by leather that has a high gloss finish, but modern patent leather boots may have a plastic coating too. They are waterproof so if you’re going out on a rainy day don’t worry a lot, just show off your charm.


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8. Chelsea Boots:

They are renowned low heel boots. They are usually ankle-high with a close-fitting. These have got elastic on the sides to give flexibility and comfort. Chelsea boots make up a great formal look. If you are wearing them to on outing then toss up a beret hat for little more styling.

combat boots

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9. Combat boots:

They were originally designed for military but their charm seemed to push off the boundaries. They are a great choice for the icy weather. They usually cover up the ankle, giving your feet that warmth. These boots are loved so much because of their preppy look. Combat boots are so comfortable that you can walk around the city wearing them and your feet wouldn’t hurt that much.


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10. Riding boots:

They were actually made for horse riding but they have surfaced the fashion world significantly because of their versatility. They usually run up high till the knees. They can be worn with shirts and leather pants, imparting a very edgy look.


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Happy Styling! :)