ROOM DIY: Tips to organize your room

If your room is struggling and is a mess then it’s time to clean it and make it look like heaven. Let’s organize it and clean it up!

ROOM DIY: Tips to organize your room

Organization of clothes

Firstly sort out everything from the pile of clothes you have on our chair and in the corner of your room. Stuff that belong somewhere else, stuff that should be organized, clean clothes and dirty clothes. Put clean clothes in the closet. Either simply fold them or use hangers. The clothes which get wrinkled easily should be hung.


For dirty clothes here comes a DIY! You require acrylic paint, sponge, glue gun, a sized basket and 3D letters. Take acrylic paint of your favorite color and dab it on the lower half of the basket using sponge. Wait for it to dry and grab the glue gun and 3D letters. The letters should make a quote like ‘Throw it in’, ‘Talk dirty to me’, ‘with great power comes great electricity bill’ or something of your choice.  Your laundry bag is ready.

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Dresser and shelves

Moving on to the top of the dresser, the area, I believe, has the most potential in the room. Starting off, remove everything and clean the surface. I prefer to place wooden triangular or hexagonal boxes as they occupy the empty space plus are great organizers. You can also place books on either sides and use it as book stand. Triangular and hexagonal boxers are better than usual square boxes as they give elegant look to your dresser.

Time for some DIY. You can give a makeover to these boxes before placing stuffs by painting them or covering sides using colorful paper or stripes. In the boxes, you can place stuffs like colorful tapes, plants, your drawings and trophies or by simply putting stuff toys.

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Night table/ Bedside table

Remove everything and remove all the dirt. Place all the unnecessary things, that need not to be displayed, in the drawer below like reading material, charger, earphones, keys, medicines, etc. On the counter, put an alarm clock, some books and sticky notes.

If you don’t want to put stuff in drawer and still want the counter to not look mess, here is a DIY. Take a cubical box of appropriate size in which all the things fit. Wrap it with colorful paper and put it on your table. It is ready to engulf stuff. Don’t forget to cover it with lid. Whenever you come up with an idea, quote or to-do list just open the box and jolt it down on the stick notes and put them on the wall. They look attractive and give brilliant look to your room.

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Bed area and walls

Choose a bed sheet which goes with the color of our walls. Arrange pillows nicely and appropriately. For the empty wall near your bed let’s do a DIY. Put an attractive pin board or a poster displaying you favorite quote, actor or maybe an abstract painting.

You can also put a big map of world. Mark the place you want to go with colorful pins and the places you’ve visited with the picture of you having fun. Also don’t forget to write on top ‘The World Awaits You!. If you are a good artist then you must decorate the walls with your doodling. It is the perfect way to show you creativity and talent.

Don’t forget to clean the floor. And yes! Your room is officially organized, clean and looking better than ever!

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Happy Decorating! :)