Does the idea of social interaction sent panic waves through your body? There are lots of things you can do to build your confidence, become more charismatic, and get rid of social awkwardness for good. Here are eight ways by which you can remove your shyness and be as confident as never before!


1) Replace your negative inner voice

Shy people can be highly critical of themselves. If you have a negative inner voice constantly judging you super harshly and putting you down then you will be more prone to removing yourself from social situations because you expect to be judged by others as relentlessly.
There are chances you'll want to stay at home and not see anybody all day long. That's why you should replace that tough inner critic with a friendlier and more supportive voice. You need to treat yourself with the same kind you'd show a friend.

2) Embrace your strength

Everyone is good at something and you are no exception. Shy and quiet people are just as smart, successful, and competitive as extroverts. The difference is that shy people have a hard time explaining what is unique about them.
 If someone asks you about yourself, this is the time to speak up about the things you are good at. If you don't talk about your accomplishments then no one would know about them. Take some time to think about the things you are really good at and come to communication time, this information will be your secret weapon.

3) Offer information

Being in a large group of friends and acquaintances can be an awkward experience for people who suffer from social anxiety but still don't wait for others to ask how you're doing. Take the initiative to tell your friend what's going on in your life. 
Choose one who will appreciate you sharing this information and keep the conversation going. Remember to also ask your friends how they are. If you want to overcome shyness then offering information is a must.

4) Don't advertise your shyness

It's all easy to apologize to others for an awkward interaction, you might say like 'I am sorry, I'm shy'. But why advertising your shyness? You're only trapping yourself in this label. People might not see you as quiet or awkward until you bring it up. And from then on, they will only be able to see you that way. There is nothing wrong with being shy but holding on to that can really set you back.

5) Practice your body language

Body language tells so much about a person in social situations. People who feel awkward might cross their legs or arms, avoid eye contact, angle the body away from other, stand or sit further away or lower their head. They might also hide behind their phones.
It is important to be mindful if you do any of these things and change your body language to be more open and friendly. Sit or stand straight, keep your head held high, and maintain eye contact. Assume a comfortable body position that's towards the person you're engaged with and put your phone away. 

6) Start saying 'YES'

If you're shy, you are probably skilled at declining invitations just to avoid social interactions. You might even come up with excuses or go out of your way to avoid someone or some event. But when you say no, you create a barrier that closes off opportunities. Develop a habit of saying yes to social gatherings and create memories.

7) Stay in the moment

If you are out with a group of friends and you've said something incorrect or you think you sounded foolish, it gets that critical inner voice going and you get so caught up in your self-demeaning thoughts that you totally disengage with what's happening at the present. Your brain can even start tricking you. 
You got to put all your focus on what's happening. If you feel you're starting to lead away from the conversation by your own thoughts, a good trick is to start talking follow-up questions to whoever is talking at the moment. The people will be glad that you are listening to them.

8) Do the thing you are scared to do!  

Eleanor Roosevelt said " You must do the things you think you cannot do." You learned earlier that a fear of being judged usually plays a big part in being shy. Start by practicing to face your fears with the help of someone you trust. This way you know that no matter what people think, you have a friend that's right there to support you. Once you've done that, the sky is your limit.