Korean Skin care tips  

If you want a skin like the Koreans have it, impeccable, spotless, glowing and smooth skin, follow these Korean skin care tips to get your skin like Korean people.

Korean Skin care tips   

In Korea, they say “You can lie about you age but you skin doesn’t lie.” Are you ready to find out their secrets to a fair, healthy and beautiful skin? Well, just keep reading

1) Multi-step cleansing

(i)            It starts by cleaning face with oil base cleansing products to get rid of oil-based impurities.

(ii)           Use water-based cleanser to remove sweat and dirt.

(iii)          Moisturize your skin.

2) Facial massage

It is super popular in east. Koreans use basic massage steps every day. For this, tap your skin. Tapping motion helps to stimulate lymph nodes, prevents aging by increasing blood circulation and eliminating waste.

3) Moisturize immediately

Start by cleansing face and sanitizing your hands. Apply moisturizing products to you skin. Tap your cheeks and then forehead. Lightly massage 8-10 times. Moisturize skin as soon as you step out of shower.

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4) Vitamin C

Vitamin C nourishes dry and dull skin from inside. Antioxidants purify fatigued skin. It brightens and freshens complexion. For this, squeeze lemon and add few drops of water. Using cotton, apply it on your face. If you have sensitive skin then take more water than lemon juice. Remember to not use any product containing vitamin C before going out. Better to do this in the evening.

5) Ginseng

It is Korea’s top medicine for good health. It prevents aging, maintains skin elasticity, and increases the life span of skin cells. To make a ginseng mask, take a teabag of ginseng powder and dissolve it in very hot water. Let it cool. Apply it on the face using a cotton ball. Let it dry, rinse, and apply moisturizer.

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6) Hyaluronic acid

With aging, natural oil production of skin is reduced. As a result, skin aging process is accelerated because of decreasing moisture. Hyaluronic acid has excellent moisture-binding capacity.

7) Snail mucin

Snail slime is used for this. It has collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and mineral salts. It naturally regenerates cells. Snail mucin also has anti-inflammatory effect, calms, and removes irritation. It naturally hydrates the skin.

8) Sun protection

Collagen production decreases as skin is exposed to UV rays for a long time. Sunscreen is must in K-beauty system. Preventing skin from the sun is crucial in the prevention of melanoma or skin cancer.

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9) Collagen

Your skin absolutely needs this! It is a type of protein that provides structure to your skin. It maintains the skin’s elasticity and makes it more luminous. With age, collagen production decreases. That’s why collagen serum plays an important role in anti-aging K-beauty process.

10) Peptides

Peptides increase collagen production. They stimulate the synthesis of collagen and aids in skin repair. It also reduces deep lines and wrinkles. Choose peptides your skin needs the most and go for it. There are plenty of peptide products available in the market. 

So are you ready to follow these tips for a spotless, glowing and smooth skin?

Happy Styling! ;)