7 styles of original paintings for outdoor wall décor

Planning for some outdoor wall decoration with some wall hanging original paintings? Well these original handmade paintings are really a classic and exotic choice for outdoor wall décor.

7 styles of original paintings for outdoor wall décor

Why outdoor wall décor with an original painting is so glamorous?

So not just for your guests but also a soothing effect to your eyes when you return from work or shopping, and are waiting for the door to open, you would definitely not mind a really good handmade painting hanging outside the wall of your home!

An original painting outdoors for wall décor is a really good choice as it not just signifies how extravagant and luxurious your life is (as keeping original handmade paintings do signify how profligate you are, as such people really respect art), but also gives some sort of good feeling to the guests who arrive at your home, that yes, you do care for your outside of your home too! You know, that care for your outdoor décor really means that you are also concerned about small things in life. So you see how well the connection goes!


Well going to shop for original paintings might prove to be a really tiring process, as you need to decide the budget as well as the theme of your home, the style you are going to hang them and what type exactly will match your style!





So I have a few things which I feel like sharing in advance- 

The paintings for outdoor wall decor looks amazing in giant or medium sizes, so I would suggest you to go for bigger ones, rest depends on what type of outdoor wall space you are given

The original paintings are one and only made, hence once you have a signed painting for yourself, you owe the original one and hence it is a status symbol to have one original handmade painting. If they are copied later on, they have no right to be sold under the original paintings.

The wall design and the home theme have been kept in mind while suggesting you the following styles of paintings. But your own ingenuity of your home styling will be required to satisfy you.

If original paintings are out of your budget, you may freely jump to copied or printed ones. But to own an original painting and hanging it on your walls does add a lot of value to your persona.

Let’s jump right into it!

The surrealism art-

Surrealist paintings are paintings based on unrealistic themes, and are a free flow created by the creativity of the artist’s brush and paints.

I suggest surrealism for outdoor wall décor as it does not have to do anything with the theme style you are following for your home décor, it’s free of that limitation. 

They look so beautiful and this painting is my personal favorite, the color effects look wonderful and had been blended out so smoothly.


Here I have used the painting made by the artist Gautam Partho Roy.

For more details of this painting click here - Music for Leaves.


The figurative painting-

Figurative paintings are derived from real-life objects or figures. These paintings are an awesome choice for the traditional theme for your home.

While some figurative paintings do not convey any traditionalism in them, but mostly, the figurative paintings by Indian artists, you will find some traditional and ethnic touch in them.

What more, these are colorful and stunning, looks absolutely adorable on bricks wall background, even on some plain colored walls.

Here I have chosen an Indian woman’s painting by the artist Ramanath Srinivas. 

For more details click here- Indian woman


The conceptual style of painting-

the conceptual style of paintings are made behind a concept or an idea that an artist has, his philosophy of life which we see through his art.

I really believe these style of paintings not only shows how pensive you are, only if you are, but also causes the guests to think deep into what’s the idea behind it.

And most importantly every time you are at the doorstep you will have a different idea coming out for that painting, as different mindset causes different sets of emotions to come out.

Therefore such paintings are really for the contemplative kind of people and for the people who are following a modern style of home designing. So as you get it, the conceptual style of paintings looks better with a modern theme based home style.


Here I have used the painting made by the artist Bhasker Singha.

For more details of the artwork click here- Youth 5


Semi Realistic paintings-

Semi-realistic paintings are those which are half realistic and half-human mind’s imagination.

These paintings go well with the modern style of home design.

While being used as an outdoor wall décor, I recommend them to be hung on sober designed walls. With sober design I mean the walls which are not designed way too fancily and the walls which are way too bland, but the middle of the two!

However, this style of painting will also look good on plain walls whether dark or light in color.



Here I have used the painting made by the artist Tirthankar Biswas.

For more details of the artwork click here- Musician


The abstract style of painting-

Abstract art style is very famous nowadays. It does not intend to convey any particular art figure or any visual reference.

These paintings are suitable for semi-modern and modern theme-based home style. These paintings are very unique in themselves and offer a wide range of emotions to the onlooker.

It beautifies the outdoor wall décor effortlessly with its own stunning style. They match well with plain walls however, it also depends on what type of painting you are picking.



Here I have used the painting made by the artist Neeraj Jangra.

For more details of the artwork click here- Singularity-1


Semi- figurative style of art-

semi-figurative style of art is partially figurative. These paintings are an absolute joy having. These are good alternatives to figurative paintings when you want figurative paintings for your modern home style.

They are beautiful and mostly convey a secret message. They look good on plain and sober designed walls, given they have a lot to convey themselves.


Here I have used the painting made by the artist Santosh Kumar Patil.

For more details of the artwork click here- Father’s love


The contemporary style of painting-

this painting is the extension of modern art. Though this painting has been originated from the modern art, but the Indian artists have given their taste into it, which though it keeps it contemporary, but still makes it fit for both traditional and modern theme-based home style.

I like this style of painting for its versatility and they are adorable when placed outdoors for wall décor.

They can go with all wall types, it totally depends on the color combinations of the painting.

Here I have used the painting by the artist Pooja Mhatre.

For more details of the artwork click here- Underwater World



I have just tried here to suggest the style of painting which is currently being preferred to style homes interiors or exteriors. You may surf for more of a similar style of paintings and buy one for yourself. 

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Happy home styling! :)